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The 80th (Autumn,2020) China Motorcycle Parts Fair

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Hosted by China National Automotive Industry Parts Sales Co., Ltd.(CAPS), the 80th  China Motorcycle Parts Fair was held from November 11th to 13th ,2020 at Guangzhou poly world trade center expo. Mr.Wang Duyang,president of China National Automotive Industry Parts Sales Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Other relevant leaders and some representatives of the motorcycle industry were also invited to attend the ceremony.

Founded in 1981,China Motorcycle Parts Fair (CMPF) has a history of 40 years and is held twice a year in spring and autumn.After years of accumulation,China Motorcycle Parts Fair has developed into a world-renowned brand exhibition, which is deeply trusted and favored by domestic and foreign buyers.China Motorcycle Parts Fair focuses on the high quality development of motorcycle parts industry in China and attach importance to strategy of product globalization the whole time, providing service for nearly 5 million people or colleagues at home and abroad. Most of the enterprises that have grown up through China Motorcycle Parts Fair have become the leading companies in the industry while they also have witnessed the development of the fair, both working together to achieve a win-win brand globalization strategy.

This exhibition is the first large-scale motorcycle parts exhibition held this year after the epidemic. Most of the enterprises has been greatly encouraged to see the fair held successfully.China Motorcycle Parts Fair, as an authoritative platform for industry exchange, has established a bridge for enterprises to display products and make communication. Confronting the epidemic,the organizing committee actively looks for opportunities amid the crisis and copes with the new changes in order to assist enterprises to firmly seize the market chances after the epidemic.Amid such environment, the organizing committee of the China Motorcycle Parts Fair makes every endeavor to explore new channels, solve export problems and share platform resources for participating enterprises by strategy adjustment and adaptation to the new environment.

The exhibition covers an area of more than 40,000㎡with four halls of large scale(Hall 1,Hall 2,Hall 3,Hall 4) occupied.Lots of leading enterprises come to the exhibition and exhibits of great variety are displayed on this fair. As we can see, the exhibits not only include a great many kinds of motorcycle parts,but also many relevant products such as tyre, lubricants and so on. Although the scale of the exhibition has been narrowed due to the limit of foreign buyers to participate in the exhibition,the organizing committee has invited Guangzhou Motorcycle Parts Industry Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Motorcycle Parts Industry Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Motorcycle Parts Industry Chamber of Commerce and hundreds of foreign trade merchants to attend the exhibition as well as conduct discussion.Aiming at creating an exhibition of high-quality in the post-epidemic era, the organizing committee strives to broaden the trade channel between domestic manufacturers and international buyers.

In response to the epidemic prevention requirements of Guangzhou,the audiences are required to scan the code, test temperature and register real-name on the spot before they can enter the venue for the sake of their health.Although the process and route are more complex compared to that of the previous events, the exhibition which has become an important medium for exhibitors and buyers to interact with each other and trade is still be popular with the professional buyers.

Currently this exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of China Motorcycle Parts Fair.Though having been sailing through the wind and waves for forty years,the exhibition has been always moving forward bravely in pace with the growth of the industry.It is because lots of people make efforts to the fair that the China Motorcycle Parts Fair develops into such a world-famous exhibition attracting numerous visitors home and abroad.We are willing to join hands with the enterprises towards a bright future.

We have been through so much in 2020,a year filled with uncertainty.Facing consistently changing situation,actions such as adjusting the strategy and direction are needed to be taken to adapt to the market in time.What makes us proud of is that a great number of companies carry forward and inherit the spirit of motorcycle parts in adversity: firmness, courage, and non-giving up.Only in this way can they forge ahead to get further development in spite of hardship. As the professional display and trade platform of motorcycle parts industry, the China Motorcycle Parts Fair will definitely take on the mission assigned by the industry, overcome obstacles, continuously improve service to satisfy enterprises.

In addition, the exhibition,which should have been held at July of this year, will be postponed to be held from April 28 to 30, 2021 at Hangzhou International Expo. Let’s look forward to gathering in Hangzhou in the spring of 2021 with flowers blooming!