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The 82nd(Autumn,2021)China Motorcycle Parts Fair catalogue advertising investment

The 82nd (Autumn,2021) China Motorcycle Parts Fair catalogue
The 82nd (Autumn,2021) China Motorcycle Parts Fair only designated publications

▲Published price
□ Color the cover page    216×291mm    4500yuan            □ Inside front cover      216×291mm    4500yuan
□ Color across the page    426×291mm    3500yuan           □ Color inside pages    216×291mm    1800yuan
□ Color half-page    216×145mm    1000yuan              □ Black &white    176×220mm    600yuan
□ The back cover      216×291mm    6000yuan             □ The cover      216×291mm    10000yuan

Related matters
□ Text introduce color leaf one to two page (with black and white picture)
□ Abstract the deadline: Oct,22,2021

Advertising design considerations
Suggest to use the software design:InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop; illustrator, freehand, requirements of Photoshop while preserving the hierarchical file and not a hierarchical file, illustrator, freehand and save rotary curve file and not turned curve file.
□ text and important elements required from a distance of more than 5mm square, to prevent cut.
□ if the electronic documents made directly to the.Tif map, the original requirements under great resolution of more than 300dpi.
□ spread advertising requirements spread text to be disconnected from the raphe.
□ more than advertising design requirements on cd.
□ the above size contains four bleeding distance.

client design considerations - text content required to provide electronic documents, recommend the use of word file editor.
□ the traditional picture requires the use of glossy paper, clear image.
□ electronic photo requirements original case resolution is 300dpi.
□ digital camera 3000000 pixels above the highest resolution shooting suggestion.

motorcycle and accessories "designated by the Organizing Committee of the exhibition" magazine "of" the only publisher.

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