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The motorcycle and accessories trade fair invitation letter


Dear Chinese motorcycle, electric-bicycle and accessories enterprises:

  “The 37th (Spring, 2017) China Motorcycle and Parts Fair” will be held on May 13th-15th in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. This fair is organized by China National Automotive Industry Parts Sales Corporation Limited, and after eight years we once again came to the elegant and charming "Spring City" Kunming.

  Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province; it is the province’s center of political, economics, culture and social undertakings and the hub of traffic and communication. Kunming is located in the geographic center of Asia and 5 hours air circle center, in the ASEAN “10+1” free trade area, in the Great Mekong sub-region’s economic cooperation circle and in the intersection of Pan Pearl River Delta regional economic cooperation circle. From geographic map, Kunming is a portal-base city; from the flow of production factors in Southwest, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, Kunming is a hub city because it is an important distributing center. In recently years, national support to build the bridgehead of opening to the southwest area in Yunnan, which makes Yunnan from end city to the frontier city.

  “China Motorcycle and Parts Fair” (CMPF) is a traditional fair of China motorcycle industry. It has been held 72 times in every spring and autumn since 1981. Now the exhibition becomes the largest branded fair with the most professional audiences who let exhibition gains the most, and also it could cause the most widely influence in China. CMPF combines most motorcycle components industries and circulation enterprises in China; it is a dream service platform for making agreements of trade and production. And it is also a good platform for extend and communicate new technology of new products. 

  Yunnan, as an important channel for Southeast Asia and South Asia, occupies the golden geographical position. It is positioned as a radiation center for Southeast Asian and South Asia. "The Belt and Road" requires Yunnan play advantage, promoting to build international transport corridors with neighboring countries, creating new heights of the Greater Mekong sub-region’s economic cooperation. Kunming is developed earlier of interior border cities; therefore it is an important hub on the Southern Silk Road in ancient times, an important gateway from mainland and Southwest region to Southeast Asia and South Asia, the intersection of Central Plains culture, minority culture and Southeast and South Asia culture.

  Kunming is an open and fashion city, concentrated the location advantage of Yunnan to become one of the main exhibition city in China. We hope that new and old friends of motor-bicycle-fittings industry can come to Kunming again. We will, as always, committed to improve all levels of service and efficiently organize the exhibition. We believe that the 37th (Spring, 2017) National Motorcycle and Parts Fair in Kunming will make every exhibitor and audience satisfied. Let’s look forward to gathering in Kunming.

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