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The 82nd (Autumn,2021) China Motorcycle and Parts Fair

participation clause


this provision is for the protection of the smooth and orderly conduct of the exhibition, and specially designated. China Auto Parts Sales Co., Ltd. is the national motorcycle and accessories exhibition Fair (hereinafter referred to as the show) to the organizer. The exhibitors in this article refer to any company, employees, contractors and agents who have booth in the exhibition.

2. application for

exhibitors accept all "the exhibition". When the organizer and the exhibitors signed the booth contract and the designated account received the exhibitors booth fee, the application procedures can end. The organizer reserves the right to reject any application.

3. booth allocation

organizer of the comprehensive exhibition of various factors to distribute the booth, and has the right to decide the final decision of the booth, to retain the right to change the distribution of the booth according to the purpose of the exhibition.

4. Exhibition Management  
A. is forbidden to open up ahead of time: the opening time of the exhibition is Nov 10,2021 09:30. Prior to the admission of the audience, to ensure the good results of the show.
B. prohibit early dismantling, dismantling the event time for 2021 on 12th Nov 15:00 prior to any enterprises shall not for any reason withdrawal or pavilion booth no one holds defends. If there is a breach, that is deemed to be the default of the enterprise.
 C. special tips: all enter the exhibition hall products on 10th Nov 15:00 can galleries (including on-site sales samples) 

5. exhibition products  
A. the organizer reserves the right to refuse any person to enter the exhibition area according to the interests of the exhibition.
  B. exhibitors must ensure the authenticity and validity of the exhibits.
  C. if there is a legal dispute, need to be resolved by the relevant law enforcement authorities.
  D. organizers strictly prohibited non auto products, tour operators to enter the exhibition hall. He has entered the exhibition, the organizer has the right to confiscate the exhibits, cancel the qualification of the exhibition.

  6.  The use of
A. exhibitors can only be displayed in the host unit for its provisions of the booth boundaries.
  B. exhibitors shall not be leased or shared with others.

7. exhibits promotion  
A. exhibitors can distribute propaganda or a few souvenirs in the scope of the booth. Without the permission of the organizing committee, shall not be allowed to hang or post advertising.
  B. exhibitors are not allowed to organize the exhibition tour. Etiquette team, marching band and other similar forms of activities shall not enter the exhibition hall.

8. security and insurance
A. the organizer will take the necessary comprehensive security measures in accordance with the interests of the exhibition, but not any responsibility for loss or damage to the exhibits or other property or personal injury before and after the event.
  B. exhibitors shall ensure that adequate insurance has been handled. Including but not limited to the personal property, exhibits or any kind of goods covered by the comprehensive insurance, and other service personnel for the third insurance.

9. fire  
A. all booth, exhibits, materials and accessories must take normal precautions and comply with fire regulations and building regulations.
  B. related work must comply with fire safety requirements, the highest position in the field of exhibitors is responsible for fire prevention.

10. breach of contract responsibility

if the participating companies are in violation of the provisions of this contract, all the consequences are caused by their own conceit, the organizers do not assume any responsibility. At the same time, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the booth at any time, and the appropriate fine, not to pay compensation and not to return the booth fees and other measures.

11.The rule of law and regulations of

Exhibitors must obey the existing laws and regulations, and ensure that no damage to the interests of others, if any violation will be canceled and additional responsibilities.

12. force majeure

if there is an exhibition site, exhibition time and the external power to be prepared to work, which is severely damaged, and the host unit will not take responsibility and return the fee for any exhibitors.

13. The organizer has the final interpretation right of this clause.